Does the feeling of hunger disappear completely after the operation?

In the upper part of the stomach, there are stomach cells where the grenile hormone is secreted more frequently. In fact, the hormone ghrelin is a hormone secreted in all parts of the stomach, but the point where it is higher is the upper part of the stomach near the esophagus. We completely remove that area. Therefore, this process suppresses the feeling of hunger and creates a feeling of satiety. In fact, I think this is one of the biggest reasons for the success of these surgeries. Because you don’t feel hungry and you lose weight without getting worn out psychologically. In the old surgical methods, for example, in gastric banding method, that is, in clamp surgeries, we were clamping the stomach with the help of a clamp, turning it into an hourglass. However, since the part containing the ghrelin hormone was not removed in these surgeries, you ate less but felt hungry, you vomited when you ate too much, you did not want to eat, but you felt hungry. In new generation surgeries, this does not happen at all. Even the patients who are very fond of food after an adaptation period of 3-4 days, even our patients who say that I can’t stop eating, and that they always eat something at night, say, “I don’t look for food at all, I don’t want to eat whatever is in front of me, I am satisfied with what I eat and I spend the process very comfortably”. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate the ghrelin hormone in these surgeries.

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