How does the process before and after sleeve gastrectomy work?

In our first meeting with our patient, we talk about his expectations, our expectations, and which method would be appropriate for the surgery. It has to be thought of as a process. This process includes not only the day of surgery or the 2 days spent in the hospital, but also a period of time that the patient will spend at home. If there is no exercise in his life, we are talking about that he should do this exercise now, that we have a certain diet program and that he should follow these rules. People who are ready for this have a much more comfortable process. As in every surgery, tests related to obesity surgery need to be done, but we do a little more detailed examination in our patients who will have obesity and metabolic surgery. For example, if there is a weight gain due to a hormonal problem, we need to determine this beforehand. So we want some hormone tests. We usually do an endoscopy, to see if there is any problem in the stomach that will hinder us, delay the surgery or change the way of surgery. Apart from that, we would like to see if there is any different situation in the abdominal organs, whether there is a situation that needs to be intervened, or if there is a situation that will change the type of surgery or cause the surgery to be postponed. We are usually able to walk the patient after 5-6 hours after the operation. We’re going to get up and running.WE WALK THE PATIENT 5-6 HOURS AFTER THE SURGERYWhat we want most during this operation is to walk as soon as possible. We are trying to prevent the accumulation of blood in the veins, so we definitely  getthe patient up after 5-6 hours. There is no eating or drinking on the first day. We feed it with serum. The next day, after taking a test to check our stitches, we slowly start off with a soup-style watery diet. On the second day, we usually discharge our patient in good health.

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