Should patients be afraid of bariatric surgery?

We all hesitate for a while when it comes to an operation – minor or major surgery – even us. For this, we do some research on whether I should have surgery or not, and we ask ourselves questions. Most of our patients definitely made such a decision when they came here, but they postponed it a little because they were afraid, but this is what 100 percent of those who had the surgery said: I wish I had done this before. As a result, you have an operation, you take a certain risk, but nothing in life gives you anything without taking risks. However, in studies conducted around the world, the following emerged: When we sought an answer to the question “Is it more risky to continue life as morbidly obese or is it more risky to have surgery?”, it was revealed that continuing life as morbidly obese is much more risky.

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