Will there be sagging in our body after the surgery?

In our post-operative follow-ups, we say to our patients: “We want to lose excess fat, we want our muscles to be protected in the same way.” For this reason, we definitely give protein powder supplements to our patients in the early period. After the first month of the operation, we strongly recommend that they protect their muscle mass with exercises. Whether there is sagging or not is related to the pre-operative weight of the person. If you have decided to have this surgery when you are 180 kilos, of course, because the weight you will lose will be too much, there may be a skin sagging. However, if you had this surgery when you were around 100-120 kilos and did the exercises, adjusted your eating habits, took protein foods, there may be only very small unobtrusive sagging. However, we recommend that people who lose a lot of weight and have sagging skin apply to plastic surgery after 2 years.

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