Will there be weight gain after obesity surgeries?

Weight gain is possible after a certain period of time after both sleeve gastrectomy and bypass surgery. We shrink the stomach and reduce it to a certain volume. But the stomach is an elastic organ and has the ability to expand up to a certain stage. We definitely talk about this situation with our patients before the surgery. With these surgeries, we actually provide the patient with the following: We provide less eating that he cannot do with his own will, and we eliminate the feeling of hunger because we remove a certain part of the stomach. In 3-4 years, the stomach actually stops in such a way that its volume does not expand too much. During this process, the patient cannot eat much, even if he wants to. Therefore, he continues to lose weight. At the end of 4 years, there is a slight enlargement of the stomach. But the real weight gain is not the enlargement of the stomach, but the patient’s return to his old habits. This is the biggest danger here. Therefore, we suggest the following: You have embarked on a path, you are undergoing an operation, this operation may have been something you were afraid of, but you dared to do it and you had the operation. This offers you a great opportunity, you both eat less and you feel full with this surgery. You have to act accordingly for the rest of your life. Because when it comes to obesity, some things have definitely been done wrong in the past. Either you ate too much, or you spent less, or you have a habit of snacking, or you have a habit of consuming high-calorie foods, or you have a habit of eating at night. You must have one or more of them that you have obesity.You had one or more of these habits that’s why you were obes Therefore, after this surgery, we provide a few years to avoid these habits, but it is in the hands of the patients to maintain them.

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