Will we get support from a dietitian after the surgery?

During the pre-operative preparation process, our dietitian sees the patient. Preliminary information is given about the issues to be done before and after the operation. As doctors, we always talk about these when meeting with patients. Because you are creating a new stomach. This new stomach has a small volume of approximately 150-180 milliliters. We explain the rules to our patient in this new process. The first month of the recovery process is very important for us. 1 month must be passed without any problems. Our patient, who was discharged on the second day, is recovering, but the stitches in the stomach should not be forced. He needs to take a liquid food for the first 15 days. Our dietitian explains in detail which foods the patient can consume. The second fifteen-day period is the mash period. Food in the form of baby food should be consumed. Then we gradually switch to solid foods, but while taking solid food, it is necessary to eat healthier foods rather than foods with plenty of calories. All of these are written in the booklets we give to our patients after surgery. It is also controlled by our dietitian. Dietitian control should be continued at regular intervals. We talk to our patients over and over again at the 1st month, 3rd month, 6th month and 12th month. In this way, we follow our patient.

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